Morgonstund har guld i mund.

I morse  gick solen upp kl.8 hos oss och de gyllene strålarna reflekterades i köksfönstret.  På söndag får vi vintertid så då blir det kl.7 i stället. Ljusare på morgonen och mörkare på eftermiddagen, jag tycker inte det är så bra..



Hotel rooms


Even when hotell rooms are quite boring they can still cause a little excitement. That happened to me in this room. I woke up at about 2 am and heard two voices whispering in my room. I stayed completely still and listened. Could it be someone outside my door? No it was definitely in my room. I moved my arm to switch on the light and then it was revealed. It was a whispering couple on TV. I had fallen asleep with my TV still left on!




When there is a war going on soldiers are bound to get killed or wounded.
Should one country send troops to interfere in the domestic conflicts in another country.
There is probably not just one simple answer but war and any physical violence is very ugly.